Re-imaging Jesus

So often, I read a post that so thoroughly grips my heart, it must be repeated. This post must be reblogged, repeated, and READ often. Jesus – not who you might be led to believe, if you’re not following HIM.

A Christian Worldview of Fiction

In_the_Synagogue005Some years ago those in the emergent church started talking about “re-imaging” God, understanding him in ways that deviated from traditional theology. One classic conversation about looking at God differently developed from an article entitled, “Is God ‘A Recovering Practitioner of Violence’?” I addressed the issues brought up in the article in “Attacks On God From Within.”

But as so often happens, teaching that clearly oversteps the bounds of true Christian thought, begins to seep into the Church as if it is orthodox and normative, as if it’s what the Bible actually says and has said all along.

One such twisting of Biblical intent is the image of Jesus so many are throwing around. I’ve read more than once that if He were here today, He’d be hanging out in gay bars and with druggies and prostitutes.

This view is such a skewered picture of Jesus, it really troubles me!

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Boasting in Weakness

In your darkest moments, those that won’t let you see the end of the tunnel, you can rest assured that God is there. His strength and assurance will comfort you, if you allow it. And it’s okay to cry out and tell him of your lack of faith and hope, because he will fill the holes in your life and bring you back to him… If you’re willing. Step out of the darkness and celebrate you existence in whatever form.

FWC Sisters' Ministry: Woman to Woman

It’s the second week of the month. I knew it was coming, and have been thinking and praying about what I should say for weeks.

I got nothing.

I feel like there’s nothing to say this time.


Sure, I could find some scriptures.

I could divulge some wisdom… if I had any to share.

The truth is I’m weak. I’m having a season where I feel like a failure in many areas. In my head I know it’s not true. But my heart and soul battle daily with the feeling of “not good enough”.

Being a wife.

Shall I go on?

It feels overwhelming. It feels like I could never get it right. The perfectionist in me won’t let me rest until it is right. It’s exhausting!

Tell me I’m not alone.

Tell me you struggle this way too.

It’s times like this I need…

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Raw Honest

So often a life story is shared that should be read by every single person on the planet, yet is buried where only a few get to read the nugget of truth and love. I’m reposting so more can read this, and I hope it goes viral and is shared with the world.

FWC Sisters' Ministry: Woman to Woman

What’s your favorite holiday? My favorite is Christmas. I love the month-long celebration, the eggnog, the decorations, the peace, and most of all the Reason. But if I had to choose one single day that’s my favorite, I would choose Resurrection Sunday. It’s the single sweetest day of the year for me. The day the Reason for the Christmas season rose from the grave, defeated death, and secured my life with Him forever. But I didn’t always feel this way.

Sisters, may I be raw honest with you? I’d like to tell you my story…

I grew up a preacher’s kid in a legalistic church, but was raised in a way that truly fostered a real relationship with God that was far deeper than just outward show. I was taught to read the Bible for myself at a very young age and how to rightly interpret it. From childhood I’ve known…

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Three Tough Questions that are Easy to Answer

Worthy of being sent out for more to see. Well stated, Rob Lott. I appreciate your candor and your evaluation of success. Great information to share. Thank you!

Rob A. Lott

Filters are important. Filters keep the bad stuff out and let the good and valuable stuff proceed.

Evaluations are vastly important. If we don’t know why something worked, then when it’s broken we won’t know how to fix it. Success is good. Evaluated success is better.

Prior to moving forward with any project I’ll ask myself and my team these questions.

Is it helpful?

Is it memorable?

Is it excellent?

If the answer to any of these questions is “no”, then we either look for solutions to make it a “yes”, or we do not move forward.

Let’s unpack these a little bit.

Is it helpful?

Sometimes being helpful with your art can mean asking some tough questions of your audience. Sometimes being helpful means shedding light on some big issues. Sometimes, a lot of the time, most of the time for me, being helpful can simply mean giving your…

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“But God does. The LORD, the Holy One of Israel, the Beginning and the End, the great I Am – this God is your Father, and God’s gotcha.” — and thank God He’s got me. Because I don’t want to take that fall. And sometimes it feels like ALL I’m doing is free falling toward the edge.

FWC Sisters' Ministry: Woman to Woman

There’s a saying in our house that originated when our daughter was about 20 months old – about the age she became a daredevil. Our Peanut-Girl was a late walker, hitting 16 months before she took more than five steps in a row. For the first few months thereafter she walked gingerly, not trusting her legs to carry her nor her balance to keep her from falling.  Around 20 months, she began testing the boundaries of gravity – and we let her. We didn’t try to discourage her or grab her or hold her back from testing her own limitations. All we said was, “I’ve gotcha.”

Our just-turned-three daughter still hears those words often as she flings herself unreservedly off a rock wall into her Daddy’s arms, or climbs bravely up a tall slide, or even when she takes a tumble and I pick her up, kiss the owie…

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UGH!! Liberals saying good things about Tea Party?? RUN!!

Really? Seriously? Are these liberals short on koolaide?


They just can’t seem to find distance from the Obama drama fast enough.

Current Vice Chair of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and Liberal strategist Donna Brazile, and Crazy Chris Matthews of MSNBC failure have apparently lost their minds.

First, we hear some respectful sentiments from Donna Brazile:

Brazile analyzed Dave Brat’s crushing defeat over Cantor further saying that Cantor was “out of touch” and that he ignored his base, the Tea Party, while praising the movement for its energy:

“He [Eric Cantor] was out of touch. And the Tea Party is still highly caffeinated. Because the Tea Party is the energy inside the Republican Party. You ignore them, you ignore the base. And that’s a problem. And he ignored the base.”

But Chris Matthews flat out hit his head.  HE took it to a whole new level:


Matthews comments came after the defeat of House Majority leader Eric Cantor (R-VA), by Tea…

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Another amazing FATHER’s Day article from another good friend who says what needs to be said. I fully agree with this… So many times fathers are portrayed as bumbling macho men who don’t connect well with their families by the media, where our children often learn and find role models. Now, when children need role models like Bill Cosby, Mike Brady and Ward Cleaver, we have commercials such as the Huggies commercial, portraying Dads as bumbling fools who can’t change diapers… There are enough of those around, without highlighting their lack of effort in the media. Read this and see if you can’t find better role models for your children, too.

Missdbeach's Miscellaneous Matters

According to Wikipedia Fathers Day is a celebration honoring fathers and celebrating fatherhood, paternal bonds, and the influence of fathers in society.

I feel frustrated at times as I sit on the couch with my husband as we watch a TV show. Mike asked me one day if I noticed how men are usually portrayed in the media? Now I can’t shake those words he said to me as I see it everywhere now. It seems society portrays men, especially dads as fumbling idiots who cant do anything right, or distant losers that cant connect with the family, or lazy dads being bugged by the wife and made fun of by the children. Basically society is dumbing down dads.

I’m not saying that Mr Clever was perfect, nor Mr Brady, but I’m confident that when most people my age  think of dads these two pop into our heads, or at least…

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A Father to the Fatherless

Put your heart in the hand of a God who cares… Look up my friends and allow God to make you whole.

Philosophies of Strawberry Shortcake

The place a father holds in the life of his children is priceless. No other relationship is like that of a dad and his little ones. Indeed, I truly wonder if any relationship can compare to that of a man and his daughter. And the loss of that relationship is especially painful.

Celebrating Father’s Day has never been the same for me since 2001, the year I lost my dad to suicide. For many years after, I browsed the card section, searching for a card for another girl’s dad who became my step-dad.

But my eyes only fell on those that spoke of growing up with your first love – first crush, first hero – and knowing this man would always hold your hand and your heart. Tears would flow and my heart would ache – or become angry. Angry over my loss, angry over his decision, angry that I…

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