Sand Dunes National Monument – Colorado

Sand Dunes National Monument
Sand Dunes National Monument

Sumer vacations in Colorado almost always mean mountains. Whether we find ourselves in the Sand Dunes or high on a mountain looking out over the valleys or just tromping along a clear mountain view, the opportunity to visit the mountains in the summer just make’s sense.

We love the mountains for many reasons, they’re cool, refreshing, and scenic, to name a few. More than that, they’re an opportunity to see God’s expression in our lives. Although, not everyone sees them as grandeur and majesty, there are those of us who close our eyes on a hard day and visualize escape in the mountains.

Rugged peaks reaching up to the sky, puffy white cluods drifting overhead, clear blue skies, brilliant in their presence, and life in abundance speak to me from the mountain. I understand the blessings of God’s gift, the promise of heaven, best in the mountains. There, I see the opportunity to climb higher and experience the grander side of life, as it is meant to be. I feel the freedom of living in a world created by God, untouched by man.

I’d never seen a river flowing through the dunes before. In all the photos I’ve seen, and all the times I’ve been there, the river has never been visible. I realize it’s there, just beneath the sand, but I’ve never seen it. This photo for me, was a rush.

It reminded me that even though I can’t see God, he’s there. Even when I can’t feel the rushing waters of refreshment coming down from heaven, His love is there, reaching out to me and touching me. I believe this photo says it all. Even when I couldn’t see it, the river was still there. The blessing is that no matter how far away I feel from God at any given time, He’s still there. I simply have to open my eyes and I can see God.

Photo by Ashley Denman

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