Hump Day Greetings!

It’s Wednesday! The sun came up, as per the course of events scheduled for this gorgeous day. There’s the smell of sweet processed feed on a gentle breeze. The birds are making a delightful noise atop the pole this lovely (ly word for Oris – in case he didn’t notice) morning. The children are resting peacefully in their beds, and life is good.  

My neighbor to the north disrupted the day with the sound of prairie thunder idling in his driveway, at the break of dawn, announcing to the world that he has the day off and is going riding on his Harley! His wife must have wanted to go along, because as I heard it ascending on the world, I heard her call to him, “Wait!” The sound faded. He didn’t come back… Therefore, she must have been left alone… But, yah though she would be alone for long – a Mexican Doorbell rang through the neighborhood, twice from the front of her driveway. Her sister awaits in a blue PT Cruiser to carry her off to breakfast – or whereever it is they go on Wednesday mornings…

 And the light begins to dawn, the sun has risen and all must go forth to greet the day.

 Long live the starling!


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