Writer Outreach – The Helping Pen Award

Occasionally, I feel the helping hand of another writer, and I realize that I’ve been given a gift. Writers often sense the need from others to receive, and we give a lot. But when that gift comes back to you, without asking for it, the gift feels different.

Today, out of generosity, a man gave me a gift, and I accepted. I’ve known this man for years. He lives in my hometown, and I know him as a generous and caring man who gives of himself to others. Today, he gave more of himself to me.

He gave me a compliment from the heart, one I’ve never expected. In a conversation with a group of people, he told the group that I was one very talented and giving person. I smiled and said, “Thank you” but the compliment came home. I’ve said the same thing about him, many times, always thinking about how much I appreciate his input on various projects, his encouragement, and his talents.

My point here is that when we live in a community and take part in the lives around us, the interaction becomes a part of who we are. I appreciate this man’s comments, but I realize he could have been any one of any men who live in my community and know me well. This man didn’t have to give me the compliment. But he did. And for that I’m grateful, because I feel the appreciation for what I do.

We can give others the same kind of feeling, inside themselves simply by acknowledging what they do.

Who can you acknowledge this week?

I shall be issuing the Helping Pen Award at an event in late September. If you’d like to nominate someone, contact me at verhoeff.jan@gmail.com



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