Personal Columnist – Write Your Own

Write a Column – 5 Steps to Your Own Personal Columnist
By Jan Verhoeff

Small town papers the world over are looking for personal columnists to add content to their papers. Ideas run rampant, but as a writer, how can you take advantage of the need for personal columnists? Here are some suggestions you can take to heart.

1. Find a Topic

This may be the biggest problem most columnists come up with when they start writing. What do you write about? Your column should include your ideas and opinions based on these essentials: current events, happenings, world wide opinions, and commentary.

2. Be Innovative

Along with the idea that you’re writing about current events using your own terrific opinions and views, you’ll want to add inspiration. Use quotes, humor, personal anecdotes and experiences to round out your columns.

3. Use Your Voice

Give your column a personal touch by using your voice. Write in a conversational tone. Use typographical devices: dashes, italics, bold face, etc. to increase the impact of your message on the reader. Draw them in fast with quick witty commentary that grabs their attention.

4. Invite Conversation

Be connected. Invite your audience to connect with you via email for a more personal column that touches lives. Ideally, your columns will eventually be able to include references to your readers comments. Perhaps a quote or two?

5. Write for Yourself

If you’re not interested in what you write, why would anyone else read it? This includes consideration that your readers are interested in the same things you are. Don’t try to please your co-writers. Please your audience and yourself.

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© 2008 – Jan Verhoeff

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