Better Days are Coming

Autumn has always been my favorite time of year. There’s something about the smell of autumn that attracts me like nothing else. It could be the sweet aroma of cinnamon and apples, baking. Or perhaps it’s the pungent smell of leaves piled high and candles in pumpkins. I can’t imagine a year without autumn, and when autumn starts early and lasts a long time, it’s even better.

As the days grow shorter and life slowly struggles to fall in line with the closing of the year, I take a glimpse back at all that has gone on before. So much of life has to do with beginnings, we don’t often think about pleasant closings. But for me, the end of the year is about pleasant closings.

The closing out of the garden in harvest —

Fresh fruit and vegetables displayed on tables as we prepare to can them into our pantry become a big part of the end of summer. The closing door. I remember years ago, when Grandma and Mom set up the kitchen for canning in mid September and it stayed set up for canning for nearly a month. There was always a pot of stew on the back of the stove for meals, but other pots and spaces were prepared for canning bins and big heavy pots that held the glass jars and lids for canning, after the food was stored inside.

The closing out of the sewing room —

This is a bit different. All through the summer, sewing and crafts projects include outdoor stuff that we can carry with us. But in the fall, I reorganize and open up the sewing room so we can find supplies for Quilts, sewing projects, coats, sweaters, etc. The best part is all the surprises I find along the way. Unfinished projects left from the spring when summer gardening started, and the fun projects we collected for this fall.

Each year I fall in love a little bit more with the tradition of stitching around the warm hearth.

The closing out of last years files.

This is my favorite. Yet another year of flies gets locked away in the cabinet for safe keeping until I’m ready to start on taxes again in the spring. This year, the melodrama was a bit two fold. Not only am I locking away all the files, but I’m locking away memories as this is my last year to file taxes as a tax professional. There’s just something about the knowledge that the year is done that gives me a thrill and a tear at the same time.

Yes, there are better days a coming… And it’s nice to see them come – and other days go by.


Single Mom – The Theme of This Month

I’ve decided it’s only because this is the month I turn 49. It’s that hazy day-breaking revelation that life continues no matter what the source.

As a single mom, my life is pretty busy and most of the time, dating isn’t an option. There’s just too much going on. But, then there are times when I have an opportunity to date – and take it. I’ve had some really incredibly good dates. A few of them repeatable and something I’d like to repeat. Others, I rarely talk about and try not to remember.

This past week had three specific dates. One very memorable and delightful evening with a friend. I thoroughly enjoyed myself, although I don’t consider “him” as a date. He’s a nice guy, a gentleman, and probably eventually a good friend. But a date, nah – not a serious contender.

The second event was supposed to be a date. My date arrived late – no big deal, he drove a ways to get here. I didn’t get too excited. We went casual, jeans and sweaters and had a nice time. I actually gave him a hug at the end of the night and sent him on his way peacefully. Nice guy – but no dice. He just didn’t keep me interested, not even a little.

Date number three offered something to write home about. In fact, I seriously considered calling my daughter and telling her what a great time I had. Until he dropped me off at the front door. Let’s just say a pleasant evening went south from the exit.

None of these were exactly planned dates. The first one was a last minute invitation to go with a friend before a meeting. The second was a blind ‘get together’ prelude to the supposed first date, scheduled for next week. (I’ve already made other plans.) The third was an event and we were simply going together.

There are a few ‘standbys’ who are good friends with a plan… I’ve never been certain what their plan was, but whenever I need a date for an event, or my friends need a date for an event, we end up on each other’s phone. But nothing serious.

After getting together with ‘friends’ and the few dates I’ve experienced this month, I’ve about decided it’s time for a Mom and Kids only Month. No competition, no drama, just mom and the kids for fun and a good healthy dose of laughter.