Missinformed, Ignorant or Just Plain Stupid…

Life sometimes hands out a bowl of cherry pits, sans the fruit. This past week, I’ve experienced the PITS and someone covered them with LEMON Juice. The alternative of being depressed over what life hands you is looking for the opportunities entangled in the mess. The opportunity appears to be in adding heat.

If you boil cherry pits and lemon juice, add enough sugar, a little water, and eventually remove the pits, you can have jelly. Sour Cherry jelly sounds good on toast. But, in the meanwhile, I’m still smelling the sour fragrance of lemons and cherry pits boiling.

Choices must include other people. In order to be successful, you really must take into consideration other people involved in your life and contemplate the outcome of involving them or leaving them out. In my experience, it’s generally the other people who mess up your plans. No matter how well you’ve laid out the strategy, planned your actions, and programmed yourself for success, if other participants are required and they mess up, your plan can be ruined.

Such is the case with today. The reason for the pits and lemons include other people. The outcome of the jelly will also include other people. Very little in life can be accomplished alone. None of us is an island unto ourselves, we’re all dependent upon others for completion of our “plans”. I’m sure God created us in a unified manner to proclaim that we reflect off each other for a purpose. Good, bad or indifferent, we’re all pretty much in life together, stuck in a vaccuum packed unit that requires at least two to move in order for there to be motion.

The kicker comes in when one makes a promise, the other moves on the promise, and then the one who made the promise fails to carry through. Life goes awry, the vaccuum sucks air, and the world starts turning the wrong way.

Jan’s Philosophic View of Existence? Perhaps.

But it’s more than that… Life hangs in the balance when people promise and don’t carry through. We’ve grown up counting on others, and we need other people. We can’t live life alone. It just isn’t possible in this time and age. While it would be simpler, if possible. The reality is we need others to sustain us emotionally.

Be the thermostat, not the thermometer.

No matter what comes, you can determine your own outcome. (Yes, even after all I said earlier, I believe this.) You can determine that life will be what you want it to be. You may not be able to determine the outcome of your life, but you can determine the responses you give to life.

This morning, I behaved rather badly, in response to a disappointment. I truly reacted with disappointment, rather than as I should have, with gratitude that I can work and get things done today, instead of having fun… I have so much to do, a friend not coming to visit, could simply be God’s way of allowing me to get my work done, so I can have more fun later. Instead of being grateful, I felt tearful and dejected. Disappointment filled up my space, and I allowed tears to come in. Did it change anything? No. Nothing changed, but I didn’t get accomplished the things I need to accomplish.

I can change my reaction, and I’m doing so right now. Because I know that I don’t have to react this way. I can react in ways that will benefit me, my children, and my life. I can step beyond the strife and into the clear blue skies of satisfaction by changing my reaction to the disappointment.

People who are ignorant of the Thermometer Principle often go along reacting to life as it comes, never actually realizing that they can make a difference by simply choosing their reactions. People who are misinformed about the Thermometer Principle think they can change the outcome, by willing the event to be different. The event happens, you make a choice how you will react, but ultimately the event happened and you’ll have to work around the fact that it did happen and choose how to act after the fact.

Stupid people allow the events of life to control them and never acknowledge their responsibility for their own choices. My part of the cherry pits and lemon juice is the sugar. I can respond with a sweet continence and determination to make the most out of this mess, or I can allow the sour fragrance to eat up my presence in life and ruin my day.

I’m choosing sour cherry jelly for my morning toast… What about you?

4 thoughts on “Missinformed, Ignorant or Just Plain Stupid…

  1. Great post Jan. I completely agree. It is like people saying how sad it is that my fibro makes me have to stay home. I look at it this way-I have a son who has special needs. Without the disability, I would have been unable to stay home full-time or homeschool, etc…God gave me a way to be the mother my son needed 🙂 Thank you for this post!

  2. (Posted here for Vicki Mangum)

    Hi Jan, Sometimes rolling around in the muck (fertilizer) smells bad and feels bad but what a harvest we have once we pluck the fruit of the disappointment. Going thru the challenges is like going thru the seasons of life. Winter could be considered the depressing season as it is cold, windy and snowy. During the winter, the ground gets to rest as we do following the harvest.

    I’ve heard it said that “Obstacles are what you see when you take your eyes off your goal”.

    You have impressed me so many times by the way you “dodge” the obstacles while keeping your eyes on the goal. I’ve sat at our writer’s group and have been mesmerized by your stories in dealing with your past experiences. You “sucked me into the scenes” as though I was living the experiences with you.

    You have such a talent for inspiring others with your victories and escaping the unthinkable. This is just another notch in your belt. This experience is designed to keep your strength up. Just think how much stronger you will be once you can look back and say, “I did it again”, just like always.

    I love you Jan. You are truly a great friend.

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