Honking Geese Encourage the Masses

Encouragement comes in many forms. For me, it’s often the sound of geese honking as they fly over in V formation, to their winter or spring destinations. I never cease to be amazed at the structure and resources God provided nature.

Geese are a True Source of Wealth when you realize their Secret to Prosperity.

They know when to follow.

Whether their going for the summer weather in the north, or headed south for the winter, they flock together and give the lead positions to the strongest geese. Their V formation allows the strongest geese to be near the front of the formation, where head winds are the strongest acknowledging that some geese need support and encouragement to follow.

They encourage constantly.

The geese honk as they fly, constantly encouraging the rest of the flock. If one goose falls out of formation, several other geese fall out too. None fly alone. The leadership among the flock honks the loudest. They bring their friends along with encouragement.

Each goose flies alone.

Geese realize that each goose has to take responsibility for getting into the air themselves. They can’t help a goose who won’t get off the ground. Each must take responsibility for themselves, moving out of the muck of the earth to the air, before they can join the flock in flight.

Geese train new leaders.

As geese get older and less capable, they move out of the headwinds and allow the next goose to take the lead. As they tire, they move aside, constantly changing leaders to allow the strongest among them to take the position of strength and drive forward. The older geese still know the way, but the younger geese take on the hardship of headwinds and keep up the speed.

They have a goal in mind.

Geese know where they’re going before they leave their home. Before they take that first run from the quagmire to the air, they know where they’re going and they know how to get there. The elder geese of the gaggle have been there and they know to duplicate their elders, or follow their leaders to success.

If you haven’t learned the secret of prosperity yet, perhaps it’s because you’re trying to reinvent the wheel. Follow your leaders and trust their instincts. Honk your encouragement and have faith that they will take you where you need to go.


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