Sunday Crash – Sleeping Off The Night

Most of the time, when you talk about sleeping off the night, it’s a party you’re sleeping off. This wasn’t a party, but I was having fun.

I’ve always liked writing, but this is different. Journaling is like having a party in your PJ’s anytime. I’m surrounded by boys. During the day time, they kind of overwhelm the world with male hormones, the snakes, toads, loud music and often DEADLY stories, and more. But at night, my house gets quiet and I can enjoy some peaceful time with friends.

Internet Friends that is.

I visit blogs, leave messages – write blog posts, and comment on posts they’ve written. Often, I find my favorite times to write are the late night hours or the wee hours of the morning.

Last night, I glanced at the clock after several postings and realized it was 3 AM. My son was wandering through the living room, wondering what I was doing and I had to admit to having tea with The Pioneer Woman.

OMG, his mother was up at 3AM reading The Pioneer Woman and drinking tea (and nibbling on those tasty chocolate tea wafers I got at the grocery). You’d a thought I committed a crime. He couldn’t imagine what a MOM was doing up at 3 AM. I wonder if he doesn’t realize I check email and post on blogs when I go to the pottyin the early mornings? I won’t tell him.


Along comes Sunday afternoon and I’m falling asleep at the keyboard, so… I go lie down to watch a movie. My arm falls asleep under my face and sort of tingles so I really lie down on the couch and I’m out. Three and a half HOURS out. I woke up just in time to take the boys to youth group. It seemed totally unreal that I’d fallen asleep in the daylight and awakened late in the night (okay, not like 6 PM is so late, but… it’s dark).

So, I did the Sunday Crash – what did  you do?


Gold Market UP – Love them sunrises…

Some days greet you with miracles. This morning was one of those mornings. Sunlight filtered through the lace in my living room where golden glow-rays cast dancing shadows on the walls.

I’ve always been particularly fond of sunrises and sunsets, often even write shorts about them, sharing my thoughts and prose with the world. So, what made this one different or special, you might ask.

Well, I’ll tell ya!

Sunrise Gold
Sunrise Gold

A few nights back, I visited my friend Danielle who prepared dinner and interviewed me about an upcoming release and on the way there, I watched the sunset over the prairie. Clear blue skies with a few drifting clouds along the horizon sparked with silver linings were lit up by the gold orb of sun slipping low below the plains. When we awakened the next day, there were gray clouds hovering over and the day never brightened, but this morning that gold orb found its way to the eastern horizon. Scattered silver lined clouds welcomed the sunlight with a display of color fingering its way across a sky of assure blue.

I watched the reflection of this magnificent sunrise this morning while working on Oris George’s Business Cards. The Gold Market is up, my spirit of creativity is working well, and life is good. I’m excited about all the good GOLD marketing available to writers these days. Run by the Coffee Clatter and see what kind of Gold Standard writers expect to see….

If you’re looking for inspiration, go to ACE Writers and see what kinds of inspiration you can come up with.

Bad Hair Days – The Dire Necessity of Overcoming

It’s always the bad hair day that gets the blame, no matter what you accomplish in life, if you’ve had a mishap and failed at some stark necessity of living… You can blame it on a bad hair day.

Such was yesterday.

Dressed for success means fixing my hair – a bit more than just sweeping it off my face, behind my ear or into a ponytail (if it was long enough – which it isn’t right now). So, I showered and dried my hair in the usual way, upside down looking at my knee caps under the towel I wear wrapped and tucked for modesty in an empty bathroom. Okay, perhaps it’s because seeing myself in the miror might be shocking, but the mirror only comes to just below my shoulders, I think I’m safe. But, what if someone walks in?

It’s the weather. I’m certain of it, there must have been a storm coming in that cause my usually well behaved hair to go limp as a biscuit on Sunday afternoon. Seriously, who needs hair anyway? It’s just the covering for the top of your head and looks a bit disheveled unless you’re one of those fortunate few who have all the time perfectly behaving hair. Wait! I don’t know anyone like that.

So, the reality is… my hair misbehaves.

My son suggested I blame the wind. My mother, bless her heart, asked if I’d combed my hair – she’s one of those with perfectly behaving hair all the time women – sports a tube of VO5 and claims it works miracles. UGH! Greasy hair day — oh, definitely I’d rather have a bad hair day.

So, I ask myself, is having a bad hair day enough of an excuse to skip the day all together? Perhaps… I’m thinking I might. Then I realize… Life is going on without me. I can either stay home and bemoan a bad hair day, wishing I could be perfect like… ummm… someone else. Or, I can get out there and play the hand I’ve drawn, for better or worse and make the best of my day.

In the course of the bad hair day, I managed to attend a funeral and comfort friends, experienced the love of friends who said nothing at all about my hair, and inspired another friend with what may possibly be the funniest story he’s ever written. I can’t wait to see the publication.

And today, the wind has come up and is blowing off the shingles, so my hair won’t matter a bit.

Overcoming a bad hair day just simply means you got up and went at it again. Let me part my bangs so I can see where I’m headed today!

Collaboration – A Writer’s Haven

When you have a story you want to write, but it really isn’t a book, what do you do?

Recently some writer friends and I got together to discuss the art of publication and asked that same question. We all have stories written, but some of them just aren’t long enough to stand alone. Those stories have an opportunity to become part of a collaboration of writings by several authors. Usually a collaboration has a single thread for articles submitted, of one kind or another. The most successful ones include writers from a similar genre who move in similar circles of writers. These collaborations include stories of similar length with a sort of continuum between the stories.

Writers feel safe writing for a collaboration because they don’t have to market the whole book, other authors are also marketing the book. It’s a great way to get your name out there and become recognized as a serious writer while pursuing your primary craft.

Writers enjoy hiding out in Collaborations. Next time you pass a bookstore look at a collaboration and see who you find between the covers.