Gold Market UP – Love them sunrises…

Some days greet you with miracles. This morning was one of those mornings. Sunlight filtered through the lace in my living room where golden glow-rays cast dancing shadows on the walls.

I’ve always been particularly fond of sunrises and sunsets, often even write shorts about them, sharing my thoughts and prose with the world. So, what made this one different or special, you might ask.

Well, I’ll tell ya!

Sunrise Gold
Sunrise Gold

A few nights back, I visited my friend Danielle who prepared dinner and interviewed me about an upcoming release and on the way there, I watched the sunset over the prairie. Clear blue skies with a few drifting clouds along the horizon sparked with silver linings were lit up by the gold orb of sun slipping low below the plains. When we awakened the next day, there were gray clouds hovering over and the day never brightened, but this morning that gold orb found its way to the eastern horizon. Scattered silver lined clouds welcomed the sunlight with a display of color fingering its way across a sky of assure blue.

I watched the reflection of this magnificent sunrise this morning while working on Oris George’s Business Cards. The Gold Market is up, my spirit of creativity is working well, and life is good. I’m excited about all the good GOLD marketing available to writers these days. Run by the Coffee Clatter and see what kind of Gold Standard writers expect to see….

If you’re looking for inspiration, go to ACE Writers and see what kinds of inspiration you can come up with.


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