Sunday Crash – Sleeping Off The Night

Most of the time, when you talk about sleeping off the night, it’s a party you’re sleeping off. This wasn’t a party, but I was having fun.

I’ve always liked writing, but this is different. Journaling is like having a party in your PJ’s anytime. I’m surrounded by boys. During the day time, they kind of overwhelm the world with male hormones, the snakes, toads, loud music and often DEADLY stories, and more. But at night, my house gets quiet and I can enjoy some peaceful time with friends.

Internet Friends that is.

I visit blogs, leave messages – write blog posts, and comment on posts they’ve written. Often, I find my favorite times to write are the late night hours or the wee hours of the morning.

Last night, I glanced at the clock after several postings and realized it was 3 AM. My son was wandering through the living room, wondering what I was doing and I had to admit to having tea with The Pioneer Woman.

OMG, his mother was up at 3AM reading The Pioneer Woman and drinking tea (and nibbling on those tasty chocolate tea wafers I got at the grocery). You’d a thought I committed a crime. He couldn’t imagine what a MOM was doing up at 3 AM. I wonder if he doesn’t realize I check email and post on blogs when I go to the pottyin the early mornings? I won’t tell him.


Along comes Sunday afternoon and I’m falling asleep at the keyboard, so… I go lie down to watch a movie. My arm falls asleep under my face and sort of tingles so I really lie down on the couch and I’m out. Three and a half HOURS out. I woke up just in time to take the boys to youth group. It seemed totally unreal that I’d fallen asleep in the daylight and awakened late in the night (okay, not like 6 PM is so late, but… it’s dark).

So, I did the Sunday Crash – what did  you do?


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