Honor Bound, the Fury of Self Fulfilling Prophecy

Through the years, I’ve found there are few self fulfilling prophecies that don’t come true. It’s an honor thing, if you believe something your sub-conscious is bound to fulfill what you believe.

The definition of success is believing in what  you will become.

When my youngest daughter started thinking along the lines of running her own business a few years ago, she was talking about something simple and easy to DO from an action perspective. She didn’t want anything “mental” or driving, just a simple “job” kind of business that would fill up her days with joy and love. Of course, Tatia has always been a hands on kind of child. No surprises there.

A few weeks ago, Tatia and her husband Kevin started chattering about operating their own business and I listened to their business plan. Surprisingly enough for two “wet-behind-the-ears” teeny boppers, they had a good solid plan. Tatia would be using her skills, Kevin would be using his, and together, they’d be making enough profit to sustain them, grow a future, and plan for happy lives, all while still working at their current respective positions. With years of successful business strategizing and planning in my own history, it was fun watching them come up with details, and helping them to focus their interests on the aspect of their business that would bring them not only profits, but personal satisfaction.

What a wonderful young couple they’ve become! Not only do they work together to overcome family issues and face their future as a loving and capable team, but they’ve begun to understand the concept that not everyone who talks pretty words toward them is focused on their best interests. I have to smile, remembering the heights they’ve had to climb over the past year, since their marriage.

To the happy couple, who made it past the first year, triumphantly with jubilation, I just want to say, “Keep your eye on the goals before you and be sure you’re both working toward the same goal.”

Now that you believe you can – you will!


Brute Force – Taxation Beyond Rights

Are you ready for a government that can tax you beyond your earning power?

Sometimes we look at the taxes we pay IRS and think there should be a regulation, but have you considered the other ways you’re taxed?

Road Tax –

Comes not only when you purchase gas at the gas station, or your license plates. But what about those tickets you receive for not wearing a seatbelt, for having a license plate light burn out, or for not using your blinker to signal a turn? Are all of those revenues used for the roads? Or do those revenues end up somewhere else?

How often do you pay ADDITIONAL TAXES?

Transportation Tax –

It’s that road tax again, from a different source. Have you seen the price of groceries? Not much of that gets back to the farmer. He’s in the same boat you’re in, still scrubbing to get by on the minimal amount of income he’s making, because the extra goes to transportation and hauling of your groceries. Consider the average trucking company pays out at least a 2% fine each year in road costs, at the port, over the ticket counter, or to the courts. Those fines increase the cost of your groceries.

Community Power –

In a small mid-west town where water, wind, and oil are plentiful in local fields, you’d think the cost of power would decrease. Not so fast, it seems local powers-that-be changed the source. Coal fired power plants where the wind never stops? How can that be a productive choice of fuel? Increased costs of transportation via rail have increased the cost of power in the mid-west. Can you imagine the luxury of having your own power plant?

Government Requirements are costing you money.

New laws are digging in your pocket and adding more and more taxation to already unbelievably HIGH levels of taxation. Have you noticed? Or is this just another one of those iconic slaughterings of the current administration that taxes your brain too much to understand the actual cost of what you’re giving up? Are you going to stop it? Are you just going to sit there and watch it happen?