Political Wrap Up – Muslim v. Islam

For a while now, I’ve been bartering with the frustration of understanding the political action of a people hell bent on taking over the planet and the destruction they seem hell bent on delivering to anyone who stands in their way.  I know the story of Abraham, Ishmael and Jacob, and I’ve been studying political behaviors long enough to know the entanglement of Islamic Political Purpose and Biblical History. No secrets there, Jacob was God’s chosen and Ishmael wants the blessing. The nations of Islam are many.

The struggle has little to do with politics and nothing whatsoever to do with the United States, other than we just happen to be in the way of Islam becoming the biggest power in the world. Um… Overtaken from within? Because the Muslim Immigrants to the USA have more children, increase in numbers faster, and are taking over faster than the Christian base of this nation?

Reality is, if you’re a White, Christian American, you probably stopped having children at 2, 3, or 4 kids. Non-White, Non-Christian Americans or Immigrants typically do not stop at 2, 3, or 4 children, and their children continue populating the earth at rates we can’t match. There’s an understanding among White, Christian Americans that there’s NO free lunch. We have to support those we bring into existence.  And, let’s face it, we’ve come to enjoy the “good life” and we like it. So, we’re responsible about bringing children into the world.

So where’s the logic in supporting the massive influx of immigrants who continue to increase in number, expecting support, medical care, and provisions from the middle class American worker?

This article about the Terrorism at Fort Hood sums up the “logic” better than anything I could say. So, why is our government calling this a “horrific act of violence” instead of an ACT OF TERRORISM? This was NOT a peaceful mongering of a religious act, it was TERRORISM, flat out, planned and plotted with political motive. The man didn’t flip his psychotic lid, he acted out terrorism on a United States Military Base, within the borders of the United States. His service to the US Military became non-existent when he acted on his loyalty to Islam and began to disregard his oath of service to the United States Military.

A man in the United States Service, listed as an Adviser on the Homeland Security Adviser Team, who has known contact with Al Quaida is NOT serving the United States in ANY form. He should have been removed from active duty, stripped of his honors and position and put into custody as a political prisoner LONG before he flipped his lid and went off on a shooting spree, killing 13 AMERICAN Soldiers. So, why wasn’t he?


Pulling Eye Teeth, Killing Doubt and Burning Bridges

Usually, in or about the middle of November, the urge to see a blanket of white outside my window becomes primary in my thought pattern. If I could change the weather, I would be driven to do so. Accomplishing a simple goal to SEE SNOW is just outside my ability and I’m fully aware that I can do nothing to achieve that goal, short of travel. So, the reckoning is that I can’t achieve the goal unless the weather co-operates.

So, how does it truly matter if you set the goal, write it down, and pray for it to happen, if the goal is unattainable (by you)? If nothing you do will change the fates of time and create the one thing you desire, why would you make it a goal?

The reality is, these kinds of goals don’t really qualify as goals.

A goal is simply an attainable event that comes directly as a result of action you can and do take. In most instances, the realization that you have an effect on the outcome is enough to spur forward the events necessary to not only initiate, but fulfill a goal. As a goal setting, achievement oriented individual, I often seek to set goals, even knowing that I can’t determine the outcome of those goals.

Waking up to a blanket of snow has been a long term goal in my life. I love the white fluff!

But, I know for an absolute fact that I’m  going to be pulling eye teeth, killing doubt and burning bridges to attain this particular goal. More a goal of absolute faith than action, I believe I do have an influence over the outcome of this goal, much more so than just my ability to achieve a goal. I believe I have the ability to claim my success. Not a member of the name it and claim it religious base, but I do believe that God answers prayer, and I’ve been praying for snow.

I can’t wait to get a whole new perspective on the community – a blanket of white is purifying.

Recovering Youth – The Exuberance of the Young

“Hello, my name is Jan Verhoeff and I’m recovering from youth.” My attendance at the Senior Center had been recognized and I was forced to join the twelve step program for the prevention of exuberance. No where in all my youth had I prepared for this experience. I had no clue from the many times I’d visited the Senior Center with my friends and family that there were so many rules about the Senior Center. Nor had I cared.

I mean… I read the signs that said no skateboarding. Those signs made sense and were understood. After all, someone might break a bone, but did you see the look on that lady’s face when I laughed at the knock knock jokes on the back of their daily program? Is humor not allowable in her either?

Later, I was caught playing with a toy on the counter and given a resounding slap to the fingers by a matronly woman of 55 as she walked past. I won’t forget her hand print in the near future. But the ultimate shame came when I was passing out the fliers for a speaking engagement I was supposed to do in the dining hall after lunch and an elderly woman gave me a “true looking over” when my fingers inadvertently touched her husband’s fingers. If I ever do that again, I’ll probably sprout horns and die the wretched death  of a frog on the highway. SPLAT!!

Mr. and Mrs. Young Exuberant NewlywedsThese  daring young adults dare to laugh and have a good time on a nearby lawn, enjoying the pleasant summer afternoon, long before the onset of winter, where snow days outnumber sunny afternoons and the grasses grow weathered and brown.

Dare we entertain exuberant youth in our communities, as the aging among us slip off toward the winters of life, when our youthful exuberance risks notification of a local senior authority? We must risk it all for the fun of a little good times in the sun, youth or the aging, take a risk. Have some fun!