Pulling Eye Teeth, Killing Doubt and Burning Bridges

Usually, in or about the middle of November, the urge to see a blanket of white outside my window becomes primary in my thought pattern. If I could change the weather, I would be driven to do so. Accomplishing a simple goal to SEE SNOW is just outside my ability and I’m fully aware that I can do nothing to achieve that goal, short of travel. So, the reckoning is that I can’t achieve the goal unless the weather co-operates.

So, how does it truly matter if you set the goal, write it down, and pray for it to happen, if the goal is unattainable (by you)? If nothing you do will change the fates of time and create the one thing you desire, why would you make it a goal?

The reality is, these kinds of goals don’t really qualify as goals.

A goal is simply an attainable event that comes directly as a result of action you can and do take. In most instances, the realization that you have an effect on the outcome is enough to spur forward the events necessary to not only initiate, but fulfill a goal. As a goal setting, achievement oriented individual, I often seek to set goals, even knowing that I can’t determine the outcome of those goals.

Waking up to a blanket of snow has been a long term goal in my life. I love the white fluff!

But, I know for an absolute fact that I’m  going to be pulling eye teeth, killing doubt and burning bridges to attain this particular goal. More a goal of absolute faith than action, I believe I do have an influence over the outcome of this goal, much more so than just my ability to achieve a goal. I believe I have the ability to claim my success. Not a member of the name it and claim it religious base, but I do believe that God answers prayer, and I’ve been praying for snow.

I can’t wait to get a whole new perspective on the community – a blanket of white is purifying.


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