Meltdown – Making the Move Happen

Somewhere through the process of relocating “the move” got messed up and the housing situation shifted from questionable to crisis. Who knew moving into a house could become such a difficult task?

When purchasing a 5 bedroom house became more difficult by the square foot, I started looking at options. After a couple of trips to a local realtor, I took a tour of the 495th house and wondered when I’d find a house big enough, with enough personality to suite me and the kids, with enough space for any additional activities we wanted to host, and with enough energy to absorb the lives of a family bent on living every moment. Would I ever find such a house?

I’d designed several over the years, but none seemed to fit now. In fact, several of the homes I had designed actually seemed to fall far short of the requirements on my list, and nothing else worked either.

My son jokingly suggested that we buy a high-rise motel and turn the penthouse into our house. Ahem… Sure… When planes no longer fly over Denver – the twin towers isn’t my idea of a way to fall… er… fly. But, honestly, it sounds like a great idea.

When we find the perfect house, the reality is it won’t be the walls or the floor or even the roof that make it perfect. But, it will be what’s inside, who lives there, the things we do and the people we invite in the door that make our home perfect.

We have the wonderful blessing of having a lot of things going on in our home. Besides the fact that I work from home, we home school, the kids have many friends and we have a lot of family and friends who visit, we really like to LIVE in our home. That means we need a lot of space and plenty of storage for those things we aren’t using every day but do use frequently.

That’s why it’s so hard to find a good home.


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