An Instigator? Who me? Nah…

When people insinuate that I’m an instigator, I wonder why they’d say such a thing… But then… I know.

Yesterday, I was reading a facebook page that belongs to a friend of mine and offered her a great deal on creating a website (for profit), that would make an awesome blog online. She didn’t have enough cash to cover the program and instead started a blog on wordpress. I have a couple here too, so that’s not a big issue. In fact, if you’re thinking about blogging and don’t know what you want to do, I recommend it. One of the most profitable bloggers I know has a free site. Seth Godin started his website on and it became so popular that he decided not to change the domain for his blog. Other bloggers have had similar experiences.

Then, there are those who believe their personalized domain name has made a tremendous difference in the popularity of their blog.

For my friend “Strawberry Shortcake” putting her thoughts into print wasn’t such a serious thing as to need a domain. She simply wanted a plac


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