Prayer Solves a Vast Load of Problems

In all things pray and be grateful.

if my people, … shall humble themselves, and pray, … then I will hear from heaven, … and will heal their land.
II Chron. 7:14

As I read the Philosophies of Strawberry Shortcake this morning, I realized how contented I am with my life. Jodi shared her thoughts of home and how her home should be a haven of love and acceptance.

Home, the place, hasn’t always been a haven for me.

That probably comes as no surprise to most people who know me. There have been many times when the world crashed in on my comfort zone and I felt frightened and scared. Those times happen occasionally during life, but the most important parts of those times are what I’ve done about them.

I remember summer days as a child when the trees hung so far over our small town street that they met in the middle and no sunshine got through the dense foliage. And the summer morning when I was 9 and my grandmother came home from Camp Meeting to find my hair had been cut to shoulder length. She hugged me, cried and went home without saying another word to me. That moment changed me.

Inside, I hadn’t changed, but my hair was shorter and that made me imperfect.

It wasn’t the first time I realized that life wasn’t always perfect, but it was the first time it really made a difference to me.

During that time, I realized that I wanted the sanctity of a life filled with love and compassion, whether or not I was perfect. Home up until then had been hot chocolate and cinnamon rolls on cold winter days, tulips blooming in the springtime and shaded back roads where every day included love and pleasant memories along with the sticks and stones that never quite got around to being a problem in my life.

Prayer had been part of my life for many years back then, but it became a greater part of my life. I realized that through prayer and faith, my life could be filled up with love and compassion. I could accept the imperfections that surrounded me and still feel like I was walking in sunshine. It felt good, and I understood the concept.

At 49, I was introduced to a candidate for U.S. Senate and once again, reminded that prayer offers a solution. The 2010 election offers our best hope for solution to the current political unrest in this country. And yet, I know that there’s one thing greater than the 2010 election.

God said, “If my people, will humble themselves in prayer, I will hear them from heaven and will heal their land.”

People, we’re imperfect. We have problems, and we can’t fix these problems alone. We need God. We need God to heal our land and fix the problems we’ve created.

It’s time to get on our knees and pray for forgiveness and mercy. “God, please bless America again.”


One thought on “Prayer Solves a Vast Load of Problems

  1. Valuble lesson! The most imortant part of both happiness and pain is what we do about it, how we move forward from and within those places and times. The only response is to run to our Father! That is a lesson learned many times in life. Thank you for a needed reminder!
    And yes God, please bless America again!!!

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