Epic Fail – Or Symptomatic Lesson of Success

The conference planned, scheduled and marketed for today was an epic failure. Not a single person managed to wiggle their way into our conference site – for OUR conference. That might not be a surprise to some, but to me — who had been marketing the project night and day (with a few breaks to beat down the political angst by attending, speaking at Tea Parties and supporting a candidate for U.S. Senate), an Epic Fail of NO ATTENDEES came as a surprise to me.

Looking back, I now realize we were probably marketing to the wrong market. But, I didn’t think so at the time. I’m a firm believer that anyone who has a business needs a blog… But some business owners are under the misconception that their business will do just fine even if nobody knows their opinion on the topic of the day. I suppose they could be right. Or, they could be wrong.

If your business doesn’t require income from the Internet to survive, you don’t need a blog, probably don’t want one, and who has time for something that goofy? You’d probably be better off just reading what others have to say. Who’d believe you have anything to say anyhow?

But if your business needs Internet income to survive… Rip out the old keyboard and park your carcass in a chair, you need to pound out some serious content. Your business is relevant, so stick to what you do. Write what you know. Don’t get arrogant, you can’t do it all, hire a virtual assistant to do some of the writing for you.

Bottom line, this was a stellar opportunity for you to upload a web domain and carve yourself a space out there in Cyber Realestate. You really need a blog and a website if you’re going to do business in the REAL world. Don’t push off success by failing to catch up to current events. Get a computer, buy a domain and call me, I have solutions for your website issues – yes, it’ll cost you!


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