Emotional Catch All – Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day captures the best of all modes, the Mommy Mode of existence in nurturing and uplifting children to their best. Nothing brings out the Mommy more readily than having a baby around to love. The simply care free attitude of parenting comes to a standstill when babies begin to cry.

On a recent afternoon, I noticed my youngest daughter stressing over the events of the day. Her husband had just gone off to war (boot camp – to be exact), and life hadn’t really treated her well over the past couple of days. She’d had a few extra struggles to deal with, but she’d handled them with all the grace of a growing young woman, learning to be the mom. Always the nurturer, she’d settled into mommy-hood with a simple style that brought even more grace to her life.

When the baby got fussy late in the afternoon, she wrapped him up in a blanket and left the room. A few moments later, I heard water running and the soft cooing of a mother in love with parenting. She’d settled him into the crook of her arm and nestled them both into a bath of warm water. At two months, his laughter was mere chuckles, but I could hear him chuckling as he enjoyed the bath.

Tatia and Kade
Tatia kisses Kade

His delight in the warm water of the bath brought back the emotions buried in time… As a single mom, you never have enough time to get everything done. I often would take my daughter with me into the shower, bathe her and myself quickly and have us both ready for the day in a matter of minutes.

Often we had just a few minutes to be out the door and off to my work, so dressing her became part of my morning routine. But those times when we could enjoy a nice warm bath, we just enjoyed each other.

Mother’s Day reminds us of the nurturing times, but also of the routine times.

An emotional catch all, Mother’s Day gives us an opportunity to grasp all that goes with Mother’s Day as we gather up the moments and bring them to the forefront of our memory. Whether it’s the moments that remind us of how much joy we get from our parents, or the ones that remind us of how much we wanted children, or even the ones that remind us that there are times when we should have joined the circus instead. When all the emotions flutter to the surface, we know there’s been joy, there’s been laughter and there’ve been tears. The emotion of the day will bring you all of the above and more, because there’s been love.

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