Writer – Jan Verhoeff

This week I was asked if I was an expert in my market. I said yes, then I wondered if I’m a RECOGNIZED Expert in my market. The answer was a resounding yes. I am recognized in my market, by my niche as an Expert Writer.

It wasn’t a really big surprise to find that answer, but it was a surprise where I heard the answer. Not from my niche… How’s that for recognition!

When I google Jan Verhoeff there’s a hundred or more sites come up, with my name attached. That’s pretty good recognition for starters. Scan through the first two pages and there’s mostly me comes up, on various sites where I’ve been quoted, recognized or published. The good part of that is, nothing bad shows up there – except for one spam site that was stolen from me several years ago and they keep my name popular there by promoting my links – and their junk. I’d give them bad press, but it would only give them more recognition.

When asked if I was an expert in my field, I had to sit back and think about what actually makes me an expert. I get paid for what I do. I often get recognized for outstanding achievements in my area of expertise, and more often than not, when people call and ask for my services, they’ve been referred to me by happy customers. Those are all excellent factors of recognition and experience in my field.

How much self-promotion can a person do before it becomes inflated ego?

Okay, now, I’m a proponent of self-promotion. I figure if I don’t toot my horn loudly, nobody else will step up and toot it for me, so I better keep it honking in celebration of the woman I’ve become.


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