Accomplish the Dream – One Step at a Time

Today, feeling a little under the gun and overwhelmed by life, I had already posted my woe-is-me comments, thinking life was just too much to get through, today. Then… I read this short blurb and realized that even though, this very moment may be overwhelming, I can do this day. I can do this hour. I can start this minute by being motivated to CHANGE what is wrong today and move above it, to accomplish my dream.

God in ALL His mighty power is in control and there is absolutely NOTHING that can stop me from accomplishing His will in my life today. It’s not just about the money, it’s about living a life that is dynamic and filled with hope, and the faith to step out on holy ground and fulfill that hope, with God beside me.

Thanks for the reminder Kimberly.

“Life is so much more rewarding, exciting and fulfilling when you love what you do. When you’re passionate about something, it’s the one thing that will make you jump out of bed to get your day started. It’s the one goal, when accomplished, which makes all the other goals you have fall into place. It’s the “why” you want to succeed…and don’t be surprised ~ it’s not just about the money.

But let me be perfectly clear… making money providing value to others is a good thing. After all, if you’re not making money with your online business… well, it’s just a hobby.

So you need to be very clear on your message and the value you provide to others in service! It all starts with why you do what you do.

I want to help you discover your “why”, and help you achieve it so that you can live YOUR DREAM LIFE and reach your full, true potential! That’s my calling, to be your mentor and your guide on your journey to freedom and personal fulfillment.”

~Kimberly Bohannon

The why in my life is because I want to “make a difference” for my children, for my grandchildren and for my family. I believe God had a mission for me, when he placed me here on this planet in this time, and my honest belief is that his purpose for me was to make a difference for others. My dedication to that simple principle makes all the difference in the world.

Today is the day that I move the tiny little pebble that eventually moves the mountain.


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