End of January Blues

January Snow

We all get them, those end of January blues that torment you about the goals you didn’t set, the ones you set but didn’t keep, and the different ways you’re already failing in the new year. When I realized I was succumbing to the End of January Blues, I took a deep breath and looked around at my accomplishments.

By acknowledging all the ways I’ve gained ground this month, I was able to overcome the blues part of this scenario and step into the spot light of accomplishment instead. I love knowing I’ve achieved something of value, but more often, I’m stuck beating myself up for what I didn’t do.

This month, it seems like I’ve been sick every time I turned around. Not seriously sick, just a head cold, a little virus or some other such non-sense that kept me from moving forward with my business… Or so I thought. By looking at what I’ve accomplished, I realized that by staying home, I’ve finished off more of my goals than I would have by being out in the public, because I actually settled in and worked on them. I did the eNewsletters, set up my schedule, and have been busting my buns accomplishing my financial/helping others goals. There’s so much to be said for simply working at home!

New clients and contacts ROCK, but by working at home and getting things done. My business took off, I have contacted clients that needed to be contacted, and I have made sales I might not have made, had I been schmoozing with the girls at the coffee shop or working accountability Tuesday, because it takes time to go from one place to the other and working at home, I didn’t lose ground on my schedule.

Yes, I have to get out and meet new people, but I’ll be more selective in the events I participate in now that I know I get more done at home.


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