Capture the Sizzle, Sell the Storm

Days at home often include more fizzle than sizzle, but either one works to keep life interesting. We live at mach speed on any given day, and yet our days swell to a sizzling end with feet up and heads back dozing at the helm of whatever task is left yet to do. How could that be?

A few weeks ago, I mentioned to a friend how I never seem to have time for “me”. It’s not a lot of time I ask, just time to grab a glass of water, or exercise for thirty minutes on the tramp. I just feel like I live in a pressure devise always rushing from one job to the next, pushed for time, and stressed to the max. Home isn’t a haven anymore…

That’s when I realized what was going on.

Home isn’t a haven.

Home is where I work, play, read to the kids, teach the grandchildren, keep up with “stuff” and rush to get the work done, but I don’t get to RELAX here. With all the things on my to-do list, I no longer get to just BE here.

Therein lies the challenge. I must find time to just be.

I’ve never watched television. A good movie now and then, but watching nightly boredom just seems like so much drivel to me and in the rush to live my own life, I never take time to get interested in a series. That’s it. I’m not interested in the series. So, I don’t watch.

I love to read, but it takes a special kind of book to capture my interest. Too much drama, I’m outa there. Too much action, forgetaboutit! Too much sex, boring. Who wants to READ about it?

There was a time when I wanted to spend time with someone special, but there hasn’t been someone special in a long time. Am I lonely? Maybe?

I’ve tried to get interested in a few men, but most of the men I’m interested in are either too busy living their own lives or married. Those who might be interested, or who have shown an interest are so stuck in neutral that they can’t move past their own parking spot.

Most recently, I actually dated a guy who was so stuck on his health going south that I watched him drown in his own issues. He was always waiting on the next health related test to determine what he was able to do with his life, sucking all the life out of himself and anyone who would listen to his next great illness. At the tender age of 48, he was sure he’d have to live out his life on medication and wanted to know how he’d afford that, since he’d been out of work for most of the past three years. Woe is him…

There’s a difference between being sick and thinking sick.

I’m excited about all that life has to offer and how much of it I can participate in on an average day. I’d love to share that with someone who wants to actively pursue having a good life. If there’s any takers out there, ready to live life to the fullest and pursue the good life, come on out. Let’s get together and see how much fun we can have — we might even find that having OUR kids and OUR grandchildren over for a weekend is FUN. And then there’s the times when we either don’t have any kids over or the kids are all busy on their own.

YEAHAw! We can have a good time.

That’s what this life is about. Let’s capture the sizzle and sell the storm. We don’t need to wait until the storms of life die down and go away to live. We do need to find time during the storm to appreciate the lightning, the thunder and the rain.

I’m going to go get that glass of water now.


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