Valentine – Be Mine

Overcast. Heavy gray clouds hang over Denver this morning with a crest of clear skies just beneath the edge of heavy snow weighted clouds.

Yesterday I drove west down Belleview Avenue and enjoyed the colored variations of the mountains rising in the distance. Magnificent. The only word they bring to mind, the majestic Rockies rising out of the valley to the skies, covered in pines and holding tight to the snow caps.

Nothing in my world says romance like the mountains. I love the crisp mountain air, the fresh provocative views of trees with or without leaves, pines daring to reach the skies and more… anything I can see in the mountains reminds me of the glorious feeling of being loved.

So, the trick to being my Valentine, is the mountains. Of course, there are many more parts to that trick… and those you’ll have to learn by getting to know me better. But for this moment, let it be known that if there’s a Valentine out there that would like to be mine… I’m available. :0


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