Emotional Abuse is a Social Disgrace

I write this through tears of sorrow. There are people in this world who have no grasp of the pain they cause others through their own anxiety and personal disgrace.

Several years ago, I experienced quite possibly the cruelest treatment of my life by a woman and her son during what should have been the finest hour for all those involved. I followed my heart during that time and held on for dear life to my faith and God’s unending love and patience. I remained close by, but away from what happened.

I prayed and continued to serve, as best I could at the time, those involved who would allow me to meet their needs. Most often from a distance, because there were serious issues and one person’s life literally hung in jeopardy due to substance and spousal abuse issues.

I maintained prayer vigils, not only my own, but with prayer partners and my own prayer groups who have continued to pray for the safety of those victims involved. Through others, we were able to encourage and motivate the victim of this situation into a more secure place. The victim made more choices putting them in danger with these same people until several months later when a more secure situation was available to them. Still the prayer vigils continued.

I knew the prayer vigils and my faith were being recognized one afternoon when the phone rang. The victim needed to ask a question. That’s all, just a simple question. My faith grew and I was able to keep up the prayer vigils and keep the faith. Hope became part of my language and demeanor once again. Life began to light up. Strength surrounded me and I knew that there would eventually be solutions that I didn’t have to do anything to provide.

Ultimately, the victim in this case would recognize the abuse going on in her life for what it was and I just needed to be there when that happened.

I was there. Sometimes driving hours to arrive just in the nick of time to fulfill my own responsibilities, but always THERE. I was never called on to condemn, judge or belittle, even though the abusers remained part of her life at random intervals after the situation changed. My objective and my duty was to love, provide encouragement and keep up my own faith. I prayed.

That’s all I was required, EVER, to do.

Through all manner of difficulty and trials, the abusers randomly appeared as part of the family, aloof and slightly distant, but always in the background at events. The situation began to change as more recognition of the abuse was realized. When issues arose, I maintained my own position of prayer and faith.

As the battle heated up, more abuse came. This time by way of emotional threats, attempts to break apart friends and family, but we continued to pray and trust that God was in charge. Nothing could come to us outside His control. Our faith was sure, and our hope was in Him.

Today, hope and faith are strong. Prayers are still going up, and life is good. We know the outcome, God is in control. Thank you Lord!

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