Breaking Promises & Living Lies

Way back in the early days, I believed what people told me. Then adulthood happened and the realization that people aren’t really nice, they don’t always fulfill their promises, and more often than not the reality we live isn’t the same as the reality we heard about growing up.

At first, I thought it must be a misconception.

Perhaps I misunderstood… Did people really live good honest lives back when I was growing up? Were neighbors helpful, nice and friendly? Did church folks share their bounty and blessings? Did the nasty people of the world really get what was coming to them?

There was a time when people who weren’t nice got a hunk of coal in their Christmas stocking and that was enough to convince them to straighten up their act and get on the other side of list. But I’m finding that doesn’t happen any more.

Good doesn’t always win. And bad people often get more from life than they deserve. Karma doesn’t always come around. And there’s a point in adulthood where you no longer believe that good things always come to those who wait for them, you figure out by then that some days LIFE SUCKS! but the alternative isn’t acceptable, so you pray for a better day tomorrow and try to remain a positive influence on today.

Posted in loving gratitude of my childish exuberance!


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