Overwhelming Sadness

When I posted the original thought, I didn’t realize what inner strength would come from the realization that inside my heart I feel the pain of injustice. The depth of the feeling keeps me awake at night, wishing I could fix it, but there’s no fixing carnal sin. Even Jesus on the cross couldn’t fix the depth of the problem, He could only forgive it.

I’m willing to forgive it…

But Jesus I can’t do this on my own. I need YOUR help to forgive the sin that left this world in pieces, often tears up my life and disrupts the lives of my children, your children. Lord, I need your help.

The past week has been flooded with obscene phone calls, messages left on my phone where incredibly awful names were called. Even my four year old granddaughter was called a despicable AWFUL name by her father, on my phone. Why? Because we had the audacity to be out enjoying the sunshine when he called for his phone visit, although there’s no limitation as to when he can call. Then when I was on the phone for a class, his repeated fast fire calls disrupted my class and by the time I could get the phone to my granddaughter, he’d disconnected, after calling me every name he could think of. I’d put the phone down away from my ear, but I could still hear him. I missed the rest of the class because I couldn’t call back into the line. He didn’t care, I never bothered to tell him, because to him it wouldn’t have mattered.

In his mind it was all about him.

This concept of being the axis upon which the world turns keeps coming up in my life. I’m not now, nor have I ever been the center of mine or anyone else’s world. I often wonder if I‘m still on the planet. But the point I’m trying to make is, feeling sadness doesn’t make a situation different, doesn’t improve a thing about the problem.

In fact, if everyone in the world felt SAD about the problem of carnal sin in the world, in those individuals who perpetuate the infliction of pain on others, nothing would change. We must forgive it, and then give it to God to deal with. He alone can fix it.

No matter how big the problem, Jesus can fix it, if you trust Him.


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