With God, I have no fear…

fear no evil The photo is borrowed from a source that provides photos for facebook, and if you click on the photo it will take you to the link (I think – I tried to put that link in the folder).

Today, feeling like I’ve stepped on millions of toes recently, I stepped back to look over some of the incidents that seem to have taken my attitude the wrong way recently. I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed by life, and that’s not a normal feeling for me. I prefer to feel a bit more in control of my life. So, it was definitely time to step out of the purgatory of victimhood and look around at what’s happening to make me feel like a victim in my own life.

There’s that brush with health issues last spring that has kept me a bit on edge for almost a year, until I finally got the reports. Bogus initial reports. No wonder our health care is in limbo, they give us bad reports, then by the time we find out we’re healthy as a horse the worry and fear has eaten at us beyond even the cost of health care.

Then there’s that son-in-law in Afghanistan. I pray for him, worry over him and stand guard over his until he’s home, to stand again himself.

Three grown children in my home, who need assurance, comfort, mom.

One growing child, soon to be grown, graduating this year, who needs encouragement, assurance, comfort, mom.

Three grandchildren in my home, who need love, tender care, play time, fun, and assurance, comfort and grandma.

I work full time, from my home office, often beyond the call of duty, helping clients build businesses online, increasing the income for my family household, and worrying over the next months income or bills, as any mother does. My life continues…

So, today, when I saw the cat walking in front of the dogs, many thoughts crossed my mind. Most of them having something to do with keeping the wolf from the door. There was the thought that I should be bold and have confidence as I walk through this valley, with the assurance that God is my protector and no wolf has access to me, except through Him. Another thought, was that those dogs are guard dogs, trained to protect, and in my case… sent by God to watch over me, protect and reassure me that those who would come against me, will be facing the watch dogs of God.

Below is my post on facebook, regarding the cat.

In the instance of the cat, the dogs are well trained, or there would definitely be reason for the cat to fear. In the case I’m speaking of, same situation – the “dogs” are well trained, or I would be far more concerned. Life occasionally puts us in places where we shouldn’t be, yet, we are there for a reason. The cat, in this case may have been tossed into the mix to see how well trained the dogs were (okay, animal rights lovers, don’t jump my bones over that statement). In my case, it’s the situation that is being tested, not the training or the dogs. I believe I can handle the fire (er… dogs) as I travel this path. The melt down may come, but I know I have resources for that too. The bottom line is that there is no shadow so deep that God’s love cannot penetrate the darkness. So, I will fear no evil.


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