Taking a Me Moment

 At the end of the day, how often can you look back over the day and remember absolutely NOTHING bad?
I’m a mom. I have kids surrounding me. There’s a crisis a minute on most days but today was amazing!
Yes, I did see my kids today – and they’re amazing too. But more than that even, I enjoyed my own company today. YES! MY own company.
I’m a writer, so it isn’t unusual for me to spend time at my keyboard relatively alone. Although, I’m seldom EVER without someone else in the house. My grand children run in and out of my office on a momentary basis. My kids claim my time, more often than they may be entitled at their ages, but I still love the intrusions. Interruptions make my days amazing!
So… What the heck am I talking about?
Coffee shop. Specifically Solid Grounds on Broadway in Centennial. Amazing place. I love the dark cozy atmosphere and the soft music in the back ground. My favorite part of a visit there is the coffee, of course, but the baristas make it amazing. Today, my cup had ying and yang on top. My barista left the lid off so I could see it, and definitely bought the irony of the concept.
I’ve had the pleasure of a full house, and most recently, I’ve been contemplating the eventuality of an empty nest… Or, not. My youngest is graduating soon and I know he’ll eventually move into his own world and leave Mom behind, most kids do. But in the meanwhile, I have a very full nest with little birdies here.
Today, I took time for me. Time to write. And more readily, time to just exist on the plane of ONE. My ying and yang collided momentarily in literal function.
4,000 words plus today and I feel like something came together. What is it that happens to create your ying/yang moment and how can I help you to achieve success from that moment?

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