Writers Around the World

The Write One rocks with writers who share personal details, ideas and concepts. Writing at my favorite coffee shop again, feeling the benefits of putting words on paper. It’s amazing how good a craft can feel when the worlds collide in literature.

As I gather components of a new book about Copywriting Fees together and prepare to upload it for purchasers, I realize that cost of writing for pay. No literary surprise when you’re putting those words together for the benefit of professional readers gathering content for their latest project. There’s nothing better than creating prose, unless you realize that prose is simply for the joy of reading. Then, you might consider non-fiction a kind of prose that allows your reader to learn while enjoying the conglomeration of words that come together.

Copywriting is the edge of what I do.

It’s the paycheck that feeds my kids, keeps us in underwear and blue jeans and puts bacon on my table. I need copywriting to survive at this point in time, but it is so much more… Copywriting is the kind of writing I do most.

  • Social Media Marketing – blogging, even.
  • Writing content – articles that refer to people, places or products.
  • Power Point Presentations – those creative ventures into multi-media that share purpose and value.
  • And so much more…

Today, I gather up my courage and share a bit of the copy that will make someone a proud writer… the Ebook I’ve put together to help others understand the power of words.

I’ll be posting it shortly to my web page, my facebook, and my twitter. Don’t miss your chance to get a copy of Copywriting Fees. It’s definitely worth the money.


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