An Opportunity – Romney

Purpose? The knowledge of revealing information might come as a significant surprise, if unaware of the location and position. There’s background that fills out the story, but the main thoughts were more important, and the purpose of the running for the office of President came from faith and understanding his purpose.

for AmericaRomney appears as humble as a cub scout, all grown up. Comfortable in his skin, warm and friendly. No doubt that his ability to accomplish any task he’s set his mind to, because he’s a boy scout, always ready. Always prepared. Mitt Romney, dips his chin to the side, a humble gesture familiar to him, and indicates his readiness to take the job handed him by voter confidence, “I’m not a career politician. The private sector provided the basis of my education and knowledge.”

Talk of business principles, moral values and integrity in the work place, overflowing into government and how the leaders of this sovereign nation should operate, filled moments. Discussion of Americans who know and understand the importance of opportunity, both taking opportunities available and being the instigators of new opportunities brought smiles and laughter. The people know the importance of looking at a problem and bringing innovation and solution to the table. We’ve built a history of personal responsibility and professional growth on those solid principles of freedom and liberty.

Current entitlement programs worry and concern the people of America.

His eyes soften. “The people of this nation deserve better. They deserve to know success, opportunity and the exceptional value of living American principles.”

A problem solver in industry, Romney’s fingerprint on various businesses is well known. Often given credit for successes and decisions long after he’s left an industry, Romney humbly discredits those choices. Knowing that his work is complete, he’s left each company, each business he worked with in the strong and competent hands of new leadership. Is there ever a good time to move on? Laughter dispels the myth of congruent fluency in business, as variations come, problems are solved and the problem solver, the one who restructures a business for success, moves to a new venture when the are solved. That’s what Mitt Romney does. Solve the problem and go to the next project.

When Massachusetts spun out of control, Romney offered solution. Bring the budget under control, restructure, organize and consolidate to increase job opportunities through natural business growth in the private sector, encourage business growth and production profits in companies. A man passionate about helping others, Romney didn’t try to set the world on fire, being something he was not to get backing and support for his campaigns. He simply set out to do a job, accomplish a task and offer a well planned strategy that would bring about solution.

His dedication to service, commitment to helping others and ultimately to his idealism, a view of the exceptionalism that is America, set him on a course for President. With the meticulous professionalism of a business consultant, success driven and achievement oriented, he set out to attain his goal. He has a solution in mind for the problems America faces.

As a candidate for president this year, he resisted pressure from advisers to select a running mate before leaving on a high-profile trip overseas, insisting that he makes better decisions with time and reflection. His choices reflect his hands-on business style, a run away from George W. Bush, or his intense action based style that moves him into the game ahead of Ronald Reagan’s big picture management style. Romney understands the impact of working in the dirt to get the job done, doing it himself, and immersing himself into the power-charged, decision making application of a man who understands from the hard work basis of doing the job, how to apply solutions and get results.

Romney’s targeted, results oriented style resonates with entrepreneurs, who grasp the whole concept of thinking with their feet on the ground, and working until the job is done – successfully. His genuine skill of locating persons with the talent and application to fill positions with action oriented individuals who are as dedicated and committed to problem solving as he is himself, has resulted in fulfillment of the task at hand. Not only does he get into the project and work hard himself to reach goals every day, but he creates a team of like minded individuals who need no prompts to set and achieve their own goals.

Such is the case with his choice of running mate, Paul Ryan.

Romney’s diplomatic approach to problem solving offers low drama, high success ratios mast admired by his peers. His ability to work in a constructive manner with persons of all background have brought him to the forefront, cohesively answering questions, solving problems, bringing together working teams of innovative leaders who are willing to get the job done. Ryan is the first addition to his ‘come back team’, a knowledgeable expert in the fields of budget and management, with experience in working with bi-partisan efforts to solve problems.

Romney is not the guy that makes the same mistakes twice. He learns from his mistakes, grows a better knowledge base with each bit of information, and moves every new fact into a realm of working knowledge. He’s dedicated and committed. No matter what, he keeps going, his eye focused on the goal, the ultimate achievement in full view and he NEVER gives up.

Jan Verhoeff


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