Random Gratitudes

I’m always grateful. Some days, more grateful than others… Like today.

As I sat in a room filled up with Kindergarten Mommies and Daddies, the heat began to rise and I felt the nausea coming on. I knew one more minute sitting in that crowded room and I’d reach full panic mode. Not even a little panicked. I’d be a lot panicked and most likely passing out on the floor.

This isn’t the usual kind of thing. I don’t normally find myself in full fledged panic in a room full of people. Combination of events led up to the mass panic that flooded over me, not the least of which was the fever I battled all night the night before. The shock of a fever shifting fading and returning after several hours, can drive a person blind. Totally blind, particularly when that fever comes without the standard chills, but rather the rushing oppression of panic.

The little girl who reached out and touched my hand may not have known the calm that she sent running through my veins, and I’m quite certain the Mom who handed me a drink of cold water wasn’t aware of the depth of the problem. Both, however were appreciated more than they could know this evening.

As I sipped the water and slipped quietly out of the room, I noticed one young mom moving children out of my way, and another took my arm as I neared the door. She asked if I was okay and I told her I just needed air. She held the door and slipped outside on the deck with me for a moment… A moment for which I will be eternally grateful.

Gratitude… That moment when you know how much it means to have someone notice that you’re there and you need a tender caring hand… Thanks!!!


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