A Father to the Fatherless

Father’s Day can be a struggle to so many. While my father is still alive and well, I have him to appreciate and to hold up daily for the blessing he’s brought to my life. Yet, so many have no father. Either through death or by choice, so many father’s are absent and the sadness comes to each of them, the feeling that something is missing…

So, I just wanted to share this blog post, as an opportunity to lift up those who are fatherless and give them hope for the Father each of us has, every day. Look up, my friends.

A Father to the Fatherless.


2 thoughts on “A Father to the Fatherless

  1. That’s one of my favorite of your blog posts… I never quite know what to say on Father’s day. I love my Dad, appreciate him bunches, and my boys are incredible role models, my son-in-law is an amazing father to my grandchildren. But my life experience reaches out to the fatherless and your message can’t be outdone! Thanks for sharing it.

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