Another amazing FATHER’s Day article from another good friend who says what needs to be said. I fully agree with this… So many times fathers are portrayed as bumbling macho men who don’t connect well with their families by the media, where our children often learn and find role models. Now, when children need role models like Bill Cosby, Mike Brady and Ward Cleaver, we have commercials such as the Huggies commercial, portraying Dads as bumbling fools who can’t change diapers… There are enough of those around, without highlighting their lack of effort in the media. Read this and see if you can’t find better role models for your children, too.

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According to Wikipedia Fathers Day is a celebration honoring fathers and celebrating fatherhood, paternal bonds, and the influence of fathers in society.

I feel frustrated at times as I sit on the couch with my husband as we watch a TV show. Mike asked me one day if I noticed how men are usually portrayed in the media? Now I can’t shake those words he said to me as I see it everywhere now. It seems society portrays men, especially dads as fumbling idiots who cant do anything right, or distant losers that cant connect with the family, or lazy dads being bugged by the wife and made fun of by the children. Basically society is dumbing down dads.

I’m not saying that Mr Clever was perfect, nor Mr Brady, but I’m confident that when most people my age  think of dads these two pop into our heads, or at least…

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