UGH!! Liberals saying good things about Tea Party?? RUN!!

Really? Seriously? Are these liberals short on koolaide?


They just can’t seem to find distance from the Obama drama fast enough.

Current Vice Chair of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and Liberal strategist Donna Brazile, and Crazy Chris Matthews of MSNBC failure have apparently lost their minds.

First, we hear some respectful sentiments from Donna Brazile:

Brazile analyzed Dave Brat’s crushing defeat over Cantor further saying that Cantor was “out of touch” and that he ignored his base, the Tea Party, while praising the movement for its energy:

“He [Eric Cantor] was out of touch. And the Tea Party is still highly caffeinated. Because the Tea Party is the energy inside the Republican Party. You ignore them, you ignore the base. And that’s a problem. And he ignored the base.”

But Chris Matthews flat out hit his head.  HE took it to a whole new level:


Matthews comments came after the defeat of House Majority leader Eric Cantor (R-VA), by Tea…

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