“But God does. The LORD, the Holy One of Israel, the Beginning and the End, the great I Am – this God is your Father, and God’s gotcha.” — and thank God He’s got me. Because I don’t want to take that fall. And sometimes it feels like ALL I’m doing is free falling toward the edge.

FWC Sisters' Ministry: Woman to Woman

There’s a saying in our house that originated when our daughter was about 20 months old – about the age she became a daredevil. Our Peanut-Girl was a late walker, hitting 16 months before she took more than five steps in a row. For the first few months thereafter she walked gingerly, not trusting her legs to carry her nor her balance to keep her from falling.  Around 20 months, she began testing the boundaries of gravity – and we let her. We didn’t try to discourage her or grab her or hold her back from testing her own limitations. All we said was, “I’ve gotcha.”

Our just-turned-three daughter still hears those words often as she flings herself unreservedly off a rock wall into her Daddy’s arms, or climbs bravely up a tall slide, or even when she takes a tumble and I pick her up, kiss the owie…

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