Three Tough Questions that are Easy to Answer

Worthy of being sent out for more to see. Well stated, Rob Lott. I appreciate your candor and your evaluation of success. Great information to share. Thank you!

Rob A. Lott

Filters are important. Filters keep the bad stuff out and let the good and valuable stuff proceed.

Evaluations are vastly important. If we don’t know why something worked, then when it’s broken we won’t know how to fix it. Success is good. Evaluated success is better.

Prior to moving forward with any project I’ll ask myself and my team these questions.

Is it helpful?

Is it memorable?

Is it excellent?

If the answer to any of these questions is “no”, then we either look for solutions to make it a “yes”, or we do not move forward.

Let’s unpack these a little bit.

Is it helpful?

Sometimes being helpful with your art can mean asking some tough questions of your audience. Sometimes being helpful means shedding light on some big issues. Sometimes, a lot of the time, most of the time for me, being helpful can simply mean giving your…

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