Raw Honest

So often a life story is shared that should be read by every single person on the planet, yet is buried where only a few get to read the nugget of truth and love. I’m reposting so more can read this, and I hope it goes viral and is shared with the world.

FWC Sisters' Ministry: Woman to Woman

What’s your favorite holiday? My favorite is Christmas. I love the month-long celebration, the eggnog, the decorations, the peace, and most of all the Reason. But if I had to choose one single day that’s my favorite, I would choose Resurrection Sunday. It’s the single sweetest day of the year for me. The day the Reason for the Christmas season rose from the grave, defeated death, and secured my life with Him forever. But I didn’t always feel this way.

Sisters, may I be raw honest with you? I’d like to tell you my story…

I grew up a preacher’s kid in a legalistic church, but was raised in a way that truly fostered a real relationship with God that was far deeper than just outward show. I was taught to read the Bible for myself at a very young age and how to rightly interpret it. From childhood I’ve known…

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