Boasting in Weakness

In your darkest moments, those that won’t let you see the end of the tunnel, you can rest assured that God is there. His strength and assurance will comfort you, if you allow it. And it’s okay to cry out and tell him of your lack of faith and hope, because he will fill the holes in your life and bring you back to him… If you’re willing. Step out of the darkness and celebrate you existence in whatever form.

FWC Sisters' Ministry: Woman to Woman

It’s the second week of the month. I knew it was coming, and have been thinking and praying about what I should say for weeks.

I got nothing.

I feel like there’s nothing to say this time.


Sure, I could find some scriptures.

I could divulge some wisdom… if I had any to share.

The truth is I’m weak. I’m having a season where I feel like a failure in many areas. In my head I know it’s not true. But my heart and soul battle daily with the feeling of “not good enough”.

Being a wife.

Shall I go on?

It feels overwhelming. It feels like I could never get it right. The perfectionist in me won’t let me rest until it is right. It’s exhausting!

Tell me I’m not alone.

Tell me you struggle this way too.

It’s times like this I need…

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