Political Wrap Up – Muslim v. Islam

For a while now, I’ve been bartering with the frustration of understanding the political action of a people hell bent on taking over the planet and the destruction they seem hell bent on delivering to anyone who stands in their way.  I know the story of Abraham, Ishmael and Jacob, and I’ve been studying political behaviors long enough to know the entanglement of Islamic Political Purpose and Biblical History. No secrets there, Jacob was God’s chosen and Ishmael wants the blessing. The nations of Islam are many.

The struggle has little to do with politics and nothing whatsoever to do with the United States, other than we just happen to be in the way of Islam becoming the biggest power in the world. Um… Overtaken from within? Because the Muslim Immigrants to the USA have more children, increase in numbers faster, and are taking over faster than the Christian base of this nation?

Reality is, if you’re a White, Christian American, you probably stopped having children at 2, 3, or 4 kids. Non-White, Non-Christian Americans or Immigrants typically do not stop at 2, 3, or 4 children, and their children continue populating the earth at rates we can’t match. There’s an understanding among White, Christian Americans that there’s NO free lunch. We have to support those we bring into existence.  And, let’s face it, we’ve come to enjoy the “good life” and we like it. So, we’re responsible about bringing children into the world.

So where’s the logic in supporting the massive influx of immigrants who continue to increase in number, expecting support, medical care, and provisions from the middle class American worker?

This article about the Terrorism at Fort Hood sums up the “logic” better than anything I could say. So, why is our government calling this a “horrific act of violence” instead of an ACT OF TERRORISM? This was NOT a peaceful mongering of a religious act, it was TERRORISM, flat out, planned and plotted with political motive. The man didn’t flip his psychotic lid, he acted out terrorism on a United States Military Base, within the borders of the United States. His service to the US Military became non-existent when he acted on his loyalty to Islam and began to disregard his oath of service to the United States Military.

A man in the United States Service, listed as an Adviser on the Homeland Security Adviser Team, who has known contact with Al Quaida is NOT serving the United States in ANY form. He should have been removed from active duty, stripped of his honors and position and put into custody as a political prisoner LONG before he flipped his lid and went off on a shooting spree, killing 13 AMERICAN Soldiers. So, why wasn’t he?


Value Parenting? VOTE NO!

If you’re looking at the current health care bill as your savior in existence and medical provision, think again…

Parenting  your children via your choice, because  you love them. No  longer an acceptable skill, via the government — who will be sending in appropriate skilled persons to determine your ability to parent  your children. Disagree with shots, or public school? It won’t matter, your parenting skills are a risk for your child and you’ll be removed from their lives.

Whether you believe you have good children or not won’t be the issue. It’s whether or not you qualify under their determination factors. Are you a safe parent? Do you agree with everything Government does and says? Those will be the determining factors of whether or not  you keep your children at home.

Read what Chuck Norris says about this issue.

Brute Force – Taxation Beyond Rights

Are you ready for a government that can tax you beyond your earning power?

Sometimes we look at the taxes we pay IRS and think there should be a regulation, but have you considered the other ways you’re taxed?

Road Tax –

Comes not only when you purchase gas at the gas station, or your license plates. But what about those tickets you receive for not wearing a seatbelt, for having a license plate light burn out, or for not using your blinker to signal a turn? Are all of those revenues used for the roads? Or do those revenues end up somewhere else?

How often do you pay ADDITIONAL TAXES?

Transportation Tax –

It’s that road tax again, from a different source. Have you seen the price of groceries? Not much of that gets back to the farmer. He’s in the same boat you’re in, still scrubbing to get by on the minimal amount of income he’s making, because the extra goes to transportation and hauling of your groceries. Consider the average trucking company pays out at least a 2% fine each year in road costs, at the port, over the ticket counter, or to the courts. Those fines increase the cost of your groceries.

Community Power –

In a small mid-west town where water, wind, and oil are plentiful in local fields, you’d think the cost of power would decrease. Not so fast, it seems local powers-that-be changed the source. Coal fired power plants where the wind never stops? How can that be a productive choice of fuel? Increased costs of transportation via rail have increased the cost of power in the mid-west. Can you imagine the luxury of having your own power plant?

Government Requirements are costing you money.

New laws are digging in your pocket and adding more and more taxation to already unbelievably HIGH levels of taxation. Have you noticed? Or is this just another one of those iconic slaughterings of the current administration that taxes your brain too much to understand the actual cost of what you’re giving up? Are you going to stop it? Are you just going to sit there and watch it happen?

Write for Profit – Grammar Law Dysfunction

There are days when real grammar just don’t cut it. You have to get out the really funky-junk grammar and make some attempt at getting away with mayhem (which is next in line to bad grammar in literary law). While chattering on a writer forum this morning, our fearless leader threatened to call out the grammar police, and I know she called the punctuation deputies on us. (She’s a real fanatic for grammar justice – or poetic justice. Hmmm)

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