Shut the Borders, End the War, Bring Our Soldiers Home

Occasionally, I get on my soap box and tell everyone (who reads my blogs) what I think. It isn’t a big deal to anyone else, and actually, there’s a probably nobody with any real power reading these anyways, but you never know…

On those occasions when I really tire of hearing about how many soldiers gave their lives to save people who hate Americans, I just really want to tell someone who will listen and do something about it. Shut down the borders, end the war and bring our soldiers home. It doesn’t seem to matter how important the cause is, when the country doesn’t want our interference, they seem to say so loudly – at least through the mass media. The people don’t really want American soldiers rescuing them from themselves and their own stupid bad habits, they just want someone to kick around and beat up on while they continue living in third world existences.

I’m sorry for those who haven’t stood up for themselves and made the effort to become or remain a free country, but why are we fighting it for them, if they don’t want freedom?

Instead, our boys are “over there” fighting for what THEY don’t want, and meanwhile they’ve sent their pigeon here to rule over us, trash our nation and beat us into submission as a socialist country. Isn’t it time our boys came home to protect their own people from the terrorism that threatens? So, we close the borders and don’t let any more illegal immigrants cross them, until we can ship back those that are already here. Maybe we close the borders down long enough to send them all back? Is that a bad thing?

I’ve grown up with illegal immigrants surrounding me, knowing that their own people (those who came here legally) would rather send them home. The people who have earned the right to be here do NOT want illegal immigrants staying here in the states. They’d rather they be sent back. The legal immigrants came here following the laws, respecting the language and learning the culture, because they wanted the advantages of living in the United States. There ARE Advantages to being a citizen of the United States. There are many advantages.

So, why must we tolerate those who would take those advantages away from us?

Why can we not say, “If you want what we offer, come here legally, otherwise GO HOME.”

Again today, I felt the sting of an illegal immigrant ignoring the laws here, living without the rules and blessings and ignoring the importance of FREEDOM. More than just FREEDOM but the willingness to stand up and be counted in the fight to maintain our freedom, I realized there’s a stench out there, of people who don’t understand the importance of the American Flag and what it stands for. Those people have missed the concept of building a homeland where our children can grow up free and become whatever they choose to become.

Yes, I believe it’s time to bring our soldiers home and fight for what is truly important – FREEDOM and LIBERTY.